AC Sanding Sealer Clear

Acid Catalysed Sanding Wood Sealer image

Product Description

A two component, urea formaldehyde acid catalysed, high solids, high-build sanding sealer.

Intended Uses

A clear or pigmented high build fast drying sanding sealer for solid and veneered timber or Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). AC Sanding Sealer is designed to seal, sand easily and allow for excellent adhesion of subsequent coats such as reaction lacquers, nitrocellulose lacquers or polyurethane finishes.

AC Sanding sealer has good “filling” properties for closed pore clear or pigmented finishing or for use as a thinner coat “isolation sealer” for open pore clear or pigmented finishing


  • Fast Drying
  • Lubricated surface for clog free sanding
  • Excellent filling and sanding properties
  • Excellent clarity when over-coated with clear topcoats
  • Used on certain veneers as a one coat open grain finish
  • Easily applied using brush or spray application
  • Excellent sealing properties on edging for porous substrates
  • Excellent anti-blocking properties
  • Excellent as an isolation sealer on exotic woods


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