AcryStretch Anti-Seepage

Product Description

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Flexible Liquid Waterproofing System. A one component, water based waterproofing coating formulated on a UV curing pure acrylic resin.

Intended Uses

AcryStretch Anti-Seepage is a high performance universal roof waterproofing system specifically developed for long term protection of all types of roof surfaces.

AcryStretch Anti-Seepage offers outstanding weatherproofing and waterproofing properties with optimum levels of UV resistance, flexibility (±150% extension), adhesion and durability for any correctly primed surface including asphalt, bitumen, mineral felt, asbestos, aluminium, concrete, galvanising and any metal surface.

Applied by brush, roller or spray. When fully cured, AcryStretch Anti-Seepage forms a tough, seamless skin that allows substrate movement, providing a highly durable and highly effective barrier against water penetration.

AcryStretch Anti-Seepage has vapour permeable composition that will allow damp substrates to breathe without any loss of the adhesive qualities.

AcryStretch Anti-Seepage is water based, free from odour and toxicities, and is available in a virtually any colour.


  • Used as a high-build, flexible waterproof coating on pitched/vertical and flat/horizontal applications
  • Can be used with re-enforcement membranes on flat/horizontal surface for improved performance and lifetime
  • Minimum 10 year performance systems, consult
  • Excellent adhesion to suitability prepared and primed surfaces
  • With re-enforcement, bridges surface cracks up to 1.25mm
  • Provides a rubbery hard surface which can take foot traffic
  • Highly durable, weather & UV Resistant, no need for overcoating
  • Coating is highly flexible & will not form any hairline cracks due to underlying plaster/surface.
  • High hydrophobicity (providing efflorescence resistance and low water swelling)
  • Excellent resistance dirt pick-up


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