SpecCryl Mould-Protect

An antimicrobial & anti-bacterial additive based on Silver Ion technology.

When used with a selected range of Speccoats™ coatings, bacteria & microbial growth is reduced by as much as 95%, once incorporated the additive will provide continuous protection for the lifetime of the coating.

How it works

Anti-Bacterial Additive graphic

The coating with the additive binds to microbes that come in contact with the coating & destroys the cell function of the microbe thus stopping reproduction.


The addition of the Silver Ion Anti-Bacterial Additive will not change the physical properties & performance of the selected coatings.

The additive will not wash off, change aesthetics or lift from the surface. It has low toxicity & is therefore a safe effective way to destroy bacteria & microbes within homes, hospitals or areas where everyday activity occurs & hygiene is of the utmost importance.