Auto 2K HS Toner

Product Description

Specially formulated to OE standards using specialized Polyester, Amino and Cellulose Ester Resins and light fast pigments of good durability and Weatherability.

Intended Uses

A single pack, air drying lacquer of low to medium solids incorporating quality pigments of good durability and coverage that are used as tinters in combination with basecoat silver & basecoat Pearlescent for attainment of most of the metallic effect automotive colours available in the vehicle market today.


  • Dries rapidly to a tough and flexible finish of excellent adhesion and coverage that is then over-coated with a 2K Clear Coat to provide the desired metallic/special effect.
  • Dull, Matt, Full Gloss and special effect once over-coated with 2K clear coat.
  • Suitable for:
    Sanded/flatted OEM enamel finish in good condition.
    Fully prepared substrates (mild Steel or plastic) primed with either MS, NC or Etch Primers