NC Alkyd

Product Description

Nitro-cellulose Alkyd Finish. A single component (1K), quick drying, nitro-cellulose modified enamel topcoat.

Intended Uses

NC Alkyd is a ‘gloss-from-the-gun’ automotive finish which combines the quick drying properties of lacquer with the high gloss of enamels. This product is used in the motor industry for the finishing of cars, trucks, busses and other forms of transport or wherever a durable, quick drying, exterior high gloss finish is required.

NC Alkyd is designed for application to suitably primed steel surfaces as a quick drying finish for use on automotive vehicles and components and other substrates. NC Alkyd combines the quick drying properties of nitro-cellulose lacquers with the high gloss of an alkyd enamel.

NC Alkyd is characterized by its fast turn-around time, good coverage properties, easy application, and adhesion to suitably primed surfaces


  • Durable High gloss finishes with excellent flow properties.
  • Excellent outdoor durability.
  • Easy to use one component product spray applied.
  • Quick Drying with high coverage.
  • Aerosol Touch up packs available.
  • Durable gloss with excellent flow.


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