Bitumen Waterproofing & Coatings

Cold Water Side Tank Lining img
Apexior 3 Cold Water Side Tank Lining

Specifically formulated for the prevention of waterside corrosion of metal surfaces. It has outstanding wetting properties and adheres well to power tooled cleaned areas. Apexior Number 3 is resistant to continuous immersion in fresh or salt water as well as frequently wet or high humidity environments.

Waterproof anti corrosive coating img
Apexior 5 PMA Anti-Corrosive Coating

A solvent based, polymer modified bitumen coating for the effective protection of steel against corrosion and weather attack. Provides a tightly adherent film resistant to water and diluted chemical splashes. Tar rejuvinator.

Concrete waterproofing img
Bitumastic Waterproofing Compound

A multi-purpose waterproofing and sealing compound containing a high percentage of rubber latex. Produces a highly elastic bituminous film. Suitable for parapets, flat roofs, flashings, dams, ponds, drinking troughs and canals etc. Use with geofabric membrane as required.