Bona Waterborne Finishes

Bona Traffic HD img
Bona Traffic HD

Finish with an extremely fast hardness development accepting full traffic only after 12 hours. An ideal choice for shops and public locations where minimal downtime is a priority and the highest possible durability is required.

Bona Traffic Anti Slip img
Bona Traffic Anti Slip

Finish with all the features of Bona Traffic but formulated to meet the highest standards for slip resistance in workplaces and other situations where an increased risk of spills exists. Bona Traffic Anti Slip is an ideal choice for stairs, nurseries, kitchens and similar locations.

Bona Traffic img
Bona Traffic

Finish with excellent durability and reliable performance on wooden floors in high-traffic public locations. Easy to apply on large surfaces, hard-wearing and easy to maintain. Can be used to protect untreated wood as well as prefinished parquet.

Bona Create img
Bona Mega

Bona Mega is versatile and ideal for wooden floors in offices, smaller shops, hotel rooms and similar locations and as a premium choice for homes. Highly recommended for plank floors and floors with underfloor heating.

Bona Wave img
Bona Wave

2-component finish for wooden floors in offices, smaller shops, hotel rooms and similar locations. Bona Wave is very low in emissions and odour, making it possible to use without vacating adjacent areas and ensures there is no lingering smell.

Bona Resident Plus img
Bona Resident Plus

Finish for protecting wooden floors in domestic environments. Bona Resident Plus has increased viscosity which gives it a nice application feel and makes it easy to quickly achieve a full-bodied surface. Can be used with or without primer on untreated wood.

Bona Novia img
Bona Novia

A multipurpose finish that can be used with or without a primer for the full protection of untreated wood in domestic environments. It brings out a warm colouration in wooden floors and is easy to use thanks to its forgiving application properties.

Bona Retarder img
Bona Retarder

Bona Retarder is an additive that improves the levelling and prolongs the open time of Bona waterborne finishes, both primers and top coats.