Bona Flooring Products

bona wood filler img
Bona Fillers

Good preparation is crucial for a high quality wooden floor finish. Bona have a range of fillers for every application.

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Bona Oils & Waxes

From protection to maintenance and care. Everything needed for a long-lasting wooden floor.

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Bona Naturale

Excellent wood protection while preserving the look and feel of the original wood texture.

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Bona Primers

Bona Primers for various types and shades of wood. Providing good elasticity with forgiving application properties.

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Bona Sportive

Complete system for installation, maintenance and renovation of wooden sports floors.

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Bona Stains

Creative freedom in changing the colour of new or sanded wooden floors.

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Bona Waterborne Finishes

Wood floor finishes with excellent durability. Ideal for high traffic areas and where long lasting quality wood finishes are required.

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Tools and Accessories

Various tools and accessories to create that perfect wooden floor finish.