Bona Fillers

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Bona Mix&Fill Plus

Time-saving gap filler with exceptional filling ability (up to 3 mm) often only requiring a single application to achieve a smooth surface.

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Bona Mix&Fill

Gap filler for gaps up to 2 mm wide, functional with practically all types of wood. The filler is mixed with wood dust from the actual floor to be treated producing a natural colouration that blends in with the rest of the floor.

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Bona Parquet Repair

A ready to use filler designed for sealing dents, cracks and other imperfections in sealed timber floors and pre-finished flooring, including laminate.

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Bona Gap Master

Bona Gap Master is an acrylic-based mastic for sealing gaps towards skirting boards and thresholds in connection to wooden floors. It can also be used to repair damages and to fill gaps and cracks in the floor.