Bona Oils & Waxes

Bona Craft Oil img
Bona Craft Oil

Professional wood oil with excellent saturation properties offering deep protection against wear, chemicals and moisture. Due to its high oil content and outstanding penetration properties only a single application is typically required, making surface treatment a simple and fast job.

Bona Care Oil img
Bona Care Oil

Bona Care Oil is a rapid drying maintenance oil for previously oiled wooden floors. The low viscous, unique blend of different vegetable oils, has excellent penetration ability and produces very little odour. Replenishes the pores of the wood for long-lasting protection.

Bona Nordic Tone img
Bona Nordic Tone

Bona Nordic Tone is a pre-treatment to Bona Craft Oil for creating the unique character of a Scandinavian white washed floor. Combine with Bona Craft Oil Frost or choose a contrasting colour for an exciting 2-dimensional effect.

Bona Rich Tone img
Bona Rich Tone

Bona Rich Tone is a pre-treatment for hardwoods, bringing out a dark, smoky wood colour, giving the floor a touch of sophistication. The colour can be changed or further intensified by adding 5% of Bona Mix Colour.

Bona Mix Colour img
Bona Mix Colour

Bona Mix Colour is a concentrated pigment paste for waterborne systems and specifically for Bona Nordic Tone and Bona Rich Tone. Added to either of these products it can intensify or change the colour of the Bona Tone to create a special effect.

Bona Hard Wax Oil img
Bona Hard Wax Oil

Bona Hard Wax Oil is a balanced blend of natural oils and waxes for the surface treatment of wooden floors and other interior woodwork. Hardwax Oil both impregnates the wood and creates a durable superficial film with excellent resistance to wear and moisture.

Bona Oil 90 img
Bona Oil 90

Bona Oil 90 is a hardening oil which contains less than 10% solvents, and is intended for the surface treatment of untreated timber floors exposed to normal or heavy wear. Due to its application and quick drying time, the floor may be completed in one working day.

Bona Oil 45 img
Bona Oil 45

Bona Oil 45 is also intended for the surface treatment of untreated timber floors exposed to normal or heavy wear but, due to its longer open time, larger areas can be treated. With increased solvent content, the oil dries more slowly allowing the contractor more time to apply the oil.

Bona Decking Oil img
Bona Decking Oil

Bona Decking Oil is a concentrated blend of vegetable oils, modified for superior impregnation and long-lasting protection of wooden deckings and other exterior woodwork.