Pre-Cat Multicoat Lacquer Clear

Product Description

Catalyzed Wood Lacquer image

Clear Multicoat Pre-Catalysed Lacquer. A one component, non-yellowing modified alkyd/urea formaldehyde pre-catalysed Clear Multicoat lacquer.

Intended Uses

Fast drying, Multicoat Clear lacquer with excellent resistance to abrasion, wet & dry heat & chemicals used as a primer and finishing lacquer for open and close pore finishing.

Dries to a tough, durable, mar and stain resistant surface. Suitable for application to almost all interior wood and furniture substrates where an attractive durable finish is required.

Best spray applied; it is ideal for production lines and factories or for small scale manufacturers without the need for post catalysing.


  • Low Surface tension
  • Excellent surface slip
  • Excellent flow and wetting properties
  • Fast Drying
  • Excellent clarity
  • Used on certain veneers as a one coat open grain finish
  • Easily applied using spray application
  • Resistant to household cleaning agents, alcohols, scratching, water spills, fats and oils, stains and heat resistance
  • Very fast drying and cure times
  • Good Repairability
  • Excellent abrasion resistance


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