AeroCryl UV Protect

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A one component, modified acrylic professional spray paint range.


AeroCryl UV Protect is a versatile and easy to use finish for multipurpose use either direct to steel and other metals or for use as a high build touch up coat with excellent gloss and colour retention.

Used as a durable coating for above water areas for a variety of applications and surfaces such as steel & galvanized steel and other metals. It will adhere directly to properly prepared mild steel, stainless steel & galvanized steel surfaces.

AeroCryl UV Protect offers excellent UV stability and weathering resistance. Broad spectrum UV absorption additives provide protection to light sensitive substrates such as wood and plastics.


  • Easy to use one component product in an aerosol
  • Excellent surface hardness & scratch resistance
  • Excellent colour and gloss retention
  • Used as a ‘clearcoat’ will protect underlying surfaces from UV attack
  • Non-chalking & non-yellowing
  • Cures at temperatures down to -10°C
  • Excellent flexibility and durability
  • Resistant to water and splashes of mild chemicals

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