PlastiLine MMA Cold Plastic Spray 98:2

PlastiLine MMA Cold Plastic Spray 100:2 standard is a solvent free, rapid curing, 2 component methacrylate resin specially formulated for spray application. It is applied between 0.3-1 mm thickness by means of an airless spray system. It is cured in a 100:2 ratio through a static mixer with BP liquid or separately with a mixture of hardening powder glass beads or special BPO-Coated glass beads which are “dropped-on” to the wet film.

Intended Uses

PlastiLine MMA Cold Plastic Spray is applied in layers of 0.3-1 mm primarily on asphalt road surfaces either by using hand or automatically driven cold plastic machines.

PlastiLine MMA Cold Plastic Spray 100:2 is suitable for Type 1 & Type 2 road markings.

When used on concrete road surfaces, the concrete must be pre-treated (e.g. milling, shot blasting, high-pressure water blasting etc. and PlastiLine MMA Primer applied. The then ready to use PlastiLine MMA Cold Plastic Spray 100:2 is then applied.

PlastiLine MMA Cold Plastic Spray 100:2 Spray is hardened with PlastiLine MMA BPO Hardening Paste with an automatic spray machine in a ratio of 100:2, the line can be left smooth or made reflective and anti-skid by broadcasting into the combination into the wet film. The second method for curing is by hardener drop in mix, the hardener drop in mix is made of anti-skid aggregates, glass beads and a percentage of peroxide powder, once dropped in the finished film provides anti-skid and reflectivity.


  • Heating not required
  • Hardening of about 30 minutes at 25°C (irrespective of thickness)
  • Excellent obliteration / hiding power, high luminance
  • High reflectivity / luminance factor with glass beads added
  • High sag resistance allows for excellent build and coverage on new asphalt
  • Excellent resistance to bleeding on bitumen substrates
  • Excellent alkali resistance on concrete surfaces
  • Resistant to weathering
  • Excellent adhesion to asphalt (some concrete surfaces will require priming)
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and low dirt retention
  • Hydrophobic surface with self-cleaning properties

PlastiLine MMA Cold Plastic markings are very abrasion resistant. With traffic under 10,000 vehicles per day, the average abrasion is approximately 0.2 – 0.3 mm per year. Shorter lifetimes sometimes result, not due to traffic, but rather because of improper application of the coating.


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