Penetrating Stain SB Wiping

Penetrating Wiping Stain image

Solvent Based. A one component, solvent based penetrating wood stain based on soluble dyes in slow drying solvent blend.

Intended Uses

Penetrating Stain SB Wiping is available in a selection of colours specifically matched to most customer requirements. It is used to stain bare would to beautify and enhance the natural grain of the wood.

It penetrates and has excellent uniformity adding depth of colour. Penetrating Stain SB Wiping needs to be over-coated to provide UV stability, but will not bleed into topcoat finishes. Specially formulated for application by wiping and will not “over-stain” the surface.


  • Can be applied using rags, sponge or spraying
  • Enhances the appearance of the wood grain by soaking into the surface
  • Does not bleed
  • Easy to apply
  • Easily Overcoatable with a sealers and topcoats
  • Does not affect adhesion of subsequent coats
  • Excellent transparency and visibility of the wood grain
  • Can be used in Matching stain, NC or AC products
  • Can be shaded using matching stain
  • Available in aerosols

Stain Colour shades

Unstained Ash Swatch

Unstained Ash

P10 Swatch


P11 Swatch


P21 Swatch


P35 Swatch


P37 Swatch


P46 Swatch


Natural Mahogany Swatch

Natural Mahogany

Red Mahogany Swatch

Red Mahogany

Light Teak Swatch

Light Teak

Light Teak Swatch

Light Oak

Light Teak Swatch

Gold Oak