Straight Line 1000™

Reduce labour costs and increase productivity, accuracy and durability on all your court marking projects.

Our lifetime guaranteed machine has been tested to reduce the amount of time spent on court markings by up to 66% while producing clear, crisp, precise lines of unequalled quality in half the time!

The Straight Line 1000™ applies two parallel strips of masking tape at adjustable widths to frame floor lines from 1 inch to 8 inches wide. Masking lines has never been simpler: just push the Straight Line 1000™ quickly and effortlessly from a standing position, then use a paint roller to easily and accurately apply the best paint for your needs.

Main benefits:
  • Striping now can be completed by one person in considerably less time
  • Create crisp, precise, durable hard court markings
  • Allows you to paint the masked line using a roller, which eliminates over spray and allows you to use the paint best suited for your specific court surface
  • Constructed of heavy-gauge, custom treated steel. The protective nickel plating resists rust and corrosion to ensure years of reliable use.
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