Damp Proof Water Repellant WB

Damp Proof Water Repellant WB image

Product Description

Water Based Repellent. A one component water based silane/siloxane based silicone, air drying clear liquid water repellant.

Intended Uses

A Silane/Siloxane construction chemical with Hydrophobic properties. By drilling horizontal angular holes into the surface & injecting the Silane/Siloxane Liquid at a low pressure, a horizontal barrier forms against rising damp & moisture thus leaving the above surface dry.

This product is overcoatable


  • Thin consistency allows for easy application
  • Water thinnable, solventless emulsion
  • Can be used for the mass treatment of non-load bearing concrete products
  • Excellent penetration of the Silane/Siloxane in all directions because of consistency
  • Protection by forming a horizontal barrier against rising damp
  • Simple application, minimal equipment & skills required
  • Damp Proof Repellent reduces the capillary absorption of the building it has penetrated, but does not clog pores or capillaries allowing building to ‘breathe’


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