DampProof Waterproof Masonry Primer SB

Waterproof Masonry Primer. A one component, solvent based cementitious modified polymer waterproof primer for masonry / mineral substrates internally and externally.

Intended Uses

A white pigmented primer for waterproofing walls & other masonry surfaces subject to rising damp to render the surface waterproof prior to painting.

Can be used on “under-cured” concrete/masonry where moisture is still present.

Acts as a dense, impermeable barrier to water.

For critical surfaces where temperature during application is low and where moisture in the substrate cannot be controlled.

DampProof Primer is formulated for application direct to masonry / mineral surfaces only. It is not for application to existing acrylic coatings as it will serve no benefit.

DampProof Primer is alkali resistant and can also be used as a primer for acrylate topcoats.


  • Fast Drying
  • Forms a dense, impenetrable layer to seal & prime damp masonry.
  • It is applied thick to seal the masonry to establish good waterproofing.
  • Excellent adhesion to suitably prepared masonry substrates.
  • Excellent surface for subsequent coats or tile adhesives.
  • Will resist negative and positive pressure. Can withstand 2 bar back pressure (6-meter water head) making it ideal for basement & underground internal waterproofing.