Rising Damp & Injection

Damp proof water repellent img
Damp Proof Water Repellent WB

A one component silane/siloxane based silicone coating used to impregnate and prime mineral and highly alkali surfaces such as bricks and concrete, to render the surface highly water repellent. This coating is overcoat-able.

Damp Proof barrier coating img
Damp Proof Barrier Coating

A white pigmented primer for waterproofing walls and other masonry surfaces subject to rising damp or moisture. Can be applied on under-cured concrete/masonry where moisture is still present.

Damp proof injection cream img
Damp Proof Injection Cream

A highly efficient water repellent agent that is ready for use on chemical damp proofing with and without a pressure injection to form a lasting horizontal barrier against capillary rising damp.

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