Plaster Primer img
Alkali Plaster Primer

Alkali resistant primer for masonry surfaces that penetrates friable and unsound substrates.

Anti Corrosive Primer img
Anti-Corrosive Primer

A Water based, zinc phosphate pigmented, anti-corrosive primer for mild steel and galvanized steel. Overcoatable by solent and water based topcoats.

BP Primer img
BP Primer

BP Primer has been specifically developed as high performance sealer for porous and bituminous surface prior to the application of our Acrylic Waterproofing and Topcoat Systems.

Plaster Key img
Bonding Liquid

A clear, alkali resistant resin binding agent for porous and friable surfaces. It soaks into the substrate and dries to a hard film thereby providing a sound surface on which to paint.

Damp Proof img
Damp Proof Barrier Coating

A white pigmented primer for waterproofing walls and other masonry surfaces subject to rising damp or moisture.

Epoxy Primer img
Epoxy Cureseal

High performance three part penetrating epoxy primer/sealer that can be applied to green concrete and cement surfaces.

Epoxy Primer img
Epoxy WB GP Primer White

A two component water based epoxy primer which provides excellent adhesion to tiles, glass, masonry, marble, aluminium, galvanizing, metals, polystyrene, composites and previously painted surfaces and acts as a barrier between incompatible coatings to ensure optimal topcoat adhesion.

Epoxy Clear Primer img
Epoxy WB Primer Clear

Three component water based epoxy primer/sealer which provides excellent penetrating, sealing and adhesion properties on concrete/masonry surfaces and can be overcoated with all topcoats.

Plaster Key img
Plaster Bond

Water Based key coat to ensure good adhesion between concrete substrates and overlaid plasters.

Filler Coat img
Professional Fillercoat

An economical intermediate filler coat to fill the surfaces of interior masonry substrates and to provide a smooth surface for the topcoat.

Concrete Fillers img
Textured Primer

A durable water based primer with a fine texture designed to give extra grip when using high density coatings such as stucco or scratch plasters.

Universal Undercoat img
Universal Undercoat

A premium quality, universal general purpose undercoat that will provide good adhesion to most surfaces as well as additional build and filling properties.

Wood Primer img
Wood Primer

A penetrating primer for new and unpainted wood surfaces. Can be over-coated with a variety of solvent based and water based topcoats.

Metal Primer img
XLA Primer

As a superior quality anti-corrosive primer for mild steel and galvanized steel to protect from rust and corrosion particularly in humid and polluted areas.

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