Functional Coatings

Acoustic Ceiling Board Paint img
Acoustic Ceiling Board Paint

A high cover, high penetration coating specifically formulated for acoustic and popcorn ceilings.

Anodizing Aluminium img
Aluminium Window & Door Frame Coating

Used as an alternative to anodising or for anodised aluminium touch-ups and powder coated polyester solid colours.

Acrylic Sealer img
Drycoat - Anti-Condensation

A one component water borne and anti-condensation coating for steel roofing sheets, steel structures or other metal surfaces where condensation and dripping water problems occur. Evaporation occurs faster with ordinary coatings due to the microporous structure, which breaks water surface tension and spreads moisture all round.

Asbestos Sealing Paint img
Drycoat - Asbestos Encapsulant

A waterborne functional coating designed to encapsulate and seal asbestos that cannot be removed due to structural conditions.

Mould Resistant Paint img
Drycoat - Mould Resistant

DryCoat is an anti-condensation coating for ceilings in damp areas of poor air circulation.

Noise dampening paint img
Drycoat - Noise Dampener

A one component water borne noise dampening coating which absorbs sound waves and distributes them among the microporous matric significantly reducing the level of sound at the output. Ideal for use in high noise areas such as sports halls, production facilities or where vibrations and noise problems occur.

Paint steel fence img
Palisade Fencing Paint

A high performance, water based coating containing zinc phosphate specifically formulated for application direct to metal for palisade fences with excellent weathering, abrasion and UV resistance.

Anti Graffiti Coating img
PU Anti-Graffiti

Used as a highly durable finish coat with excellent obliteration properties for exterior of tanks, equipment, structural steel, concrete, freight and passenger trains or any surface where weathering, chemical resistance, toughness and UV stability and anti-graffiti properties are required.

Insulating roof paint img
Thermoshield Coating

A high performance coating developed to provide a solar reflective system and heat insulation for all types of roof structures.

Acrylic Sealer img

Write-Erase white board coatings are available in white and clear. Clear gloss finish allows one to turn any wall into a dry erase board without sacrificing the wall’s original colour. Unlike traditional white dry erase coatings, Write-Erase is crystal clear and won’t change the room’s aesthetics or appearance.

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