Product Description

Polyurethane Spatter Finish image

Anti-Graffiti & Whiteboard Coating. A two pack, aliphatic polyester modified polyurethane anti-graffiti and whiteboard coating.

Intended Uses

Write Erase Whiteboard Coating is available in White and Clear. Clear gloss finish allows one to turn any wall into a dry erase board without sacrificing the wall’s original colour. Unlike traditional white dry erase coatings, Write Erase Coating Clear is crystal clear and won’t change the room’s aesthetics/appearance.

Write Erase has been formulated exclusively for contractors and the DIY enthusiast to turn any surface into a “whiteboard”. Who says a ‘whiteboard’ has to be white?

Used in schools, conference rooms, offices, at home or over any good quality painted surface and many other substrates be it wood (including a cleaned chalkboard surface), metal or concrete.

Write Erase can be applied to surfaces to enable easy clean-off of graffiti. It can be used for protection of infrastructure items such as telephone distribution housings which are the targets of persistent graffiti pollution.


  • Cures to a tough and durable ‘tile’ like finish
  • The non-stick chemical additive provides good marker resistance and an anti-graffiti effect
  • Transforms virtually any interior substrate of any colour into a workable dry erase surface.
  • Excellent colour and gloss retention
  • Non-chalking & non-yellowing
  • Transparent coating allows one to keep the colour one really wants, providing maximum versatility and functionality that works with the established aesthetics of the room.
  • Resistant to mild chemicals, salt water, mineral and vegetable oils, paraffin’s, aliphatic solvent, dilute industrial chemicals & aqueous solutions
  • Can be applied in a variety of settings, including schools, offices, homes and more.
  • Simple to coat or overcoat — just lightly sand the wall, apply a quality primer followed by the new topcoat, applied to the surface.


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