Everest TH Liner

Larius Everest Liner

Professional airless line stripers self propelled with automatic line sequencer. Simultaneously paints two lines in one colour. The lines can be solid, broken or mixed. Ideal for large line painting jobs and maintenance. Use filtered water- or solvent-based non-reflective paint specifically for airless applications.

Variations available:

  • Self-Propelled.
  • Automatic Line Sequencer.


  • Head Liner Control easy and functional with: automatic line sequencer, electronic speed control and intrinsic safety devices.
  • 400 mm dia. pneumatic wheels guarantee stability and ease of movement and cushion unevenness of the road's surface.
  • AT 250 LA95 for 3 to 30 cm wide lines, mounted on an adjustable block: changes the spraying range by varying the height of the spray gun or nozzle.

Technical Features:

Motor Power: 12 HP

Max. Pressure: 230 bar

Max. Flow Rate: 6,5 l/m

Colours: 1

Weight: 260 kg

Dimensions: 2000x800x1100 mm

Parking Line Stripes
Line Stripes Example 1
Line Stripe Example 2