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Masonry paints have two roles to play as facade coatings: first, as an important architectural aid they act as eye-catchers and can make a building either stand out from others or blend into the surroundings. Second, they provide protection against moisture and harmful environmental effects. But paint is exposed not only to chemical, mechanical and biological attack from the outside, but also to attack from within the building material itself.

Silicone Facade Coating HP is a leading-edge facade-coating system. They are hugely successful because they marry the outstanding properties of mineral paints with those of synthetic-resin paints. Foremost among these properties are very high water-vapour permeability, very low water absorption and extreme longevity. Silicone resin emulsion paints thus actively contribute to preserving the value of every structure.

Silicone Facade Coating HP boasts a highly weather resistant film, excellent permeability to water vapour and carbon dioxide while at the same time remaining highly water repellent.

Silicone Facade Coating HP is specifically formulated for exterior use to provide excellent dirt pickup resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance and outstanding resistance to weathering.


Silicone Facade Coating HP combines the advantages of emulsion and silicate paints: it is both water-repellent and water-vapour permeable. As a result, hardly any moisture penetrates into the wall from the outside or inside, yet the facade can breathe by allowing water vapour to escape. Thanks to the chemical structure of Silicone Facade Coating HP, these favourable properties of the coating can survive many years of use and weathering.

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Silicone Facade Coating HP will retain its appearance for a long time and the costs for renovation and repair work can be kept low. This is possible, because Silicone Facade Coating HP forms a highly effective network with the mineral substrate, which simply lets rain, water splashes, condensation, mud and dirt roll off.

Furthermore, as the water beads off it takes dirt particles with it, so that the facade gets cleaned in the rain. Last but not least, Silicone Facade Coating HP is resistant to acid rain and the ultraviolet and infrared components of sunlight, which allows them to retain their protection against water for a particularly long time. Since the pigments are firmly incorporated in the silicone-resin network, the facade does not bleach out or yellow.


Water is an excellent thermal conductor. A brick containing only 4% moisture loses around half of its heat-insulation effect. Silicone Facade Coating HP keeps facades dry for longer and are therefore ideal for supporting all measures for insulating exterior walls.

Furthermore, they offer ideal protection for external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS). In general ETICS attract a large amount of condensation, while the facade also cannot dry out very well. Silicone Facade Coating HP improves a building’s energy balance, both when the facade is insulated and when it is not.

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Thermal images of a facade: the lefthand half of the house is insulated, while the right-hand half is not.

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