Montofoc Intumescent Water Based

Fire Proof Paint

Single component water-based intumescent paint. Generates a protective foam when subjected to intense heat that thermally isolates the base, preventing fire from spreading and slowing down damage to the base.

Tested and certified by independent laboratories according to European Standard EN 13381-8:2010

Intended Uses

  • Indoors
  • Exterior with protection
  • Previously primed iron/steel beams and pillars
  • Metal structures


  • Easy to repaint
  • Elasticity enough to resist the normal structural movements
  • Good applicability
  • Good adhesion
  • Certified to European Standard EN 13381-8:2010
  • Water-based intumescent
  • Fire protection for metal structures. Beams and pillars.
  • Strongness
  • Non toxic
  • Adecuate for High thickness coats