Polyurethane Floor Coatings

high build polyurethane floor coating img
Floorcoat PU 55 HB

Used as a Floorcoat on concrete or any surface where weathering, chemical resistance, toughness and UV stability are required.

concrete marking paint img
Floorcoat PU 70 HB

Floorcoat PU 70 HB has been formulated as a two component, extremely durable, liquid marking system for application to asphalt and concrete surfaces in high traffic areas such as stop streets, walkways, factory floors etc.

polyurethane floor finish img
Floorcoat PU Polyester

Used as a finish coat for floors Floorcoat PU Polyester offers outstanding operational performance including abrasion, impact & chemical resistance.

stoep enamel paint img
Floorcoat PU Stoep Enamel

A gloss enamel for Stoep and concrete application. Used in factories and warehouses as a hard wearing polyurethane floor coating, and for demarcating areas.