Floor Paint Application Equipment

Spiked Rollers Graphic01
Spiked Rollers

Used for de-aerating the Floorcoat Products and to ensure smooth even flow of product. Available from 100mm to 900mm wide with 1mm spikes, or 31mm spikes for floors in excess of 4mm thick.

Spiked Shoes Graphic01
Spiked Shoes

Spiked shoes allow the applicator to gain access onto wet Floorcoat systems for de-aerating the surface. Available with 25mm or 31mm long steel spikes.

Double Edged Rakes Graphic01
Double Edged Rakes

Double Edged Rakes for spreading the Floorcoat to desired thicknesses. These rakes will spread the material to 40% of the tooth depth. A rake with a 5mm tooth will achieve a 2mm coating thickness. Available in 450mm & 600mm width rakes with teeth thickness ranging from 2mm to 10mm.

Triglide Graphic01

Triglide Floor Spreader is a simple to use leveler for spreading semi flowable materials at precise thicknessess. Available 600mm long with blade sizes ranging from 2mm to 10mm.

Triglide Graphic01
Large Surface Spreader

Surface Spreader tool operates as a giant spatular available in 3 sizes. The thin flexible spring steel blade allows the tool to be used as a surface smoother providing trowelling qualities. It may also be used as a squeegee for thin films. Available 300-600mm long with blade sizes ranging from 100-135mm.

Hand Trowels Graphic01
Hand Trowels

Trowels for hand application of high build, self leveling coatings and semi-flowable mortars. The trowel base is made from tough hardened steel. Available from 290-400mm long with teeth ranging from 2mm to 15mm. For intricate areas the Swedish Steyle pointed trowel with 4mm teeth.