Sport Surface Play Coat Smooth

Heavy Duty – Non-Textured Topcoat. One component, water based, 100% UV Resistant Acrylic Wearing Sport Surface topcoat formulated without a texture for use directly to Sport Surface Acrylic Re-Surfacer for a slightly textured finish. Supplied as a concentrate in clear or pigmented finish.

Intended Uses

Because of the fine texture of this coating, it is more suited to sports such as Basketball, skating or sports where a smooth, non-skid coating is required as a topcoat on Sport Surface Acrylic Re-Surfacer.

Sport Surface Play Coat is a UV resistant coating formulated to provide toughness as expected for the above sport surfaces and as a finish will look attractive for many years, 5-8 years depending on maintenance and housekeeping. Ponding water should be removed and where possible courts should be kept free of sand, dirt and general contamination. Maintenance should be addressed as and when the need arises to avoid costly repairs.

It is an extremely tough, flexible resin with good open time allowing easy application by squeegee without the need for back rolling after application.

Supplied as a concentrate in a clear tint base (colourant added on site) or pigmented (from factory).

Sport Surface Play Coat, whatever the grade, is designed to be applied to either Sport Surface Acrylic Re-Surfacer or Cushion Coat.


White Swatch

RAL 3003
Ruby Red

Black Swatch

RAL 3013
Tomato Red

RAL 5005 Swatch

RAL 5005
Signal Blue

RAL 3009 Swatch

RAL 3009
Oxide Red

RAL 3012 Swatch

RAL 5012
Light Blue

RAL 3009 Swatch

RAL 5015
Sky Blue

White Swatch

RAL 6005
Moss Green 

Black Swatch

RAL 6010
Grass Green 

RAL 1019 Swatch

RAL 6029
Mint Green