PU 1021 Primer

Polyurethane High Build Sanding Primer image

Modified Polyurethane Filler Primer. A two component, low viscosity, pigmented polyurethane sanding primer.

Intended Uses

A formaldehyde free, white or pigmented fast drying isolation primer with excellent isolation and adhesion properties for polyurethane molds, MDF and other wood surfaces.

Adheres extremely well to polyurethane foam mouldings and is easily over-coatable by various lacquer types.

PU 1021 Primer is designed to seal and prime, sand easily and allow for excellent adhesion of subsequent coats of polyurethane finishes.

It is quickly sandable and has an exceptionally smooth finish. It will hide minor imperfections, scratch and sand marks on MDF and wood surfaces.

This polyurethane primer can be sanded to a powder and is best suited as a filling primer for colour and closed pore lacquer coatings.


  • High build, good edge & pore sealing properties
  • Fast Drying
  • Low smell
  • Non yellowing
  • Excellent filling and sanding properties
  • Excellent smooth substrate for pigmented topcoats
  • Easily applied using spray application
  • Excellent coverage and obliteration
  • No-pinholes or bubble formation of porous surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to moisture when used in combination with PU lacquers