Silicone 250 Solar Collector Coating

Solar Collector Coating. A one component, solvent based solar collector coating.


Silicone 250 Solar Collector Coating selectively absorbs solar wave lengths with the greatest heat content (visible & infrared wave lengths). In doing so it collects heat more efficiently than ordinary non-selective black paints which emit (reflect) a significant amount of incident solar radiation.

The coating will function with maximum efficiency when used on collector panels having glazed covers. It is unaffected by high heat and humidity and exhibits no outgassing during stagnation periods.

Silicone 250 will withstand continuous dry temperatures of 250°C.

Where maximum corrosion protection is required, application should be over a primer such as Etch 1K Epoxy Primer.


  • Selective surface
  • Resists outgassing to 204°C
  • Does not chalk, peel or flake and will not bleach/discolour
  • Excellent thermal cycling resistance
  • Dries quickly
  • Aerosols available