Larius – Industry

Pneumatic Hydro Pumps Graphic
Pneumatic Hydro

High pressure hydro clean units for intensive water cleaning, washing, degreasing, disinfection and descaling.

Airless Pneumatic Pumps Graphic
Airless Pneumatic Pumps

High pressure painting without air assistance. Pumps are highly efficient, easy to use with simple maintenance.

Mistless Pumps Graphic
Mistless Pumps

High pressure and air assisted spray painting with improved atomisation and finishing of painted product.

Low Pressure Painting System Graphic
Low Pressure Painting System

Complete stainless steel paint systems for water and solvent based products that use low pressure for spray painting.

Electrostatic Water and Solvent Based Systems Graphic
Electrostatic Water & Solvent Based

Electrostatic systems for water and solvent based paint. Uniform spray painting without dripping and excessive thickness of paint deposited.

Electrostatic Powder Coating Systems Graphic
Electrostatic Powder Coating System

Perfect powder finishing with less overspray, fewer passes and faster lines, perfect balance, ideal handling, light weight, high product saving.

Electronic dosing equipment graphic
Multi Component Systems with Electronic Dosing

Spraying and mixing equipment that allow for reliable painting and full mixing accuracy with water based and solvent based paints.

Double diaphragm transfer pumps graphic
Double Diaphragm Pneumatic Transfer Pumps

Double diaphragm pumps for efficient transfer and transport of low-medium and high viscosity fluids.

Larius Piston Transfer Pumps Graphic
Piston Pneumatic Transfer Pumps

Piston Pneumatic transfer pumps that are suitable for the majority of fluid transfer applications.

Hydraulic Pumps Graphic
Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic airless pumps for airless spray painting and extrusions.

Pneumatic Extrusion Pumps Graphic
Pneumatic Extrusion Pumps

Pneumatic pumps for extrusion that work with a compressed air motor. Material and piston supplied in both ascending and descending phases.