AeroWood CAB-Acrylic Finishing Lacquer

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Product description

Solvent Based modified acrylic crystal clear lacquer.

Intended Uses

Clear or pigmented fast drying finishing lacquer for soft and hard wood, veneered timber or Medium Density Fibreboard.. AeroWood CAB-Acrylic Finishing Lacquer is designed for application to sealed and primed substrates. Dries to a tough, durable, mar and stain resistant surface.

Suitable for application to almost all interior wood and furniture substrates where an attractive durable finish is required. AeroWood CAB-Acrylic Finishing Lacquer is suitable for small and medium scale applications and for soft wood, hard wood and veneer substrates.


  • Non-Yellowing
  • UV stable
  • Highly Durable attractive finish
  • Used as a high performance finishing lacquer, suitable for small and medium sized applications
  • Suitable as a make-good or touch-up system for most industrial lacquers


White Swatch

Clear Gloss, Matt & Satin

White Swatch

Custom Colours & Gloss Levels

White Swatch

RAL 9005 Clear Gloss, Matt & Satin

White Swatch

RAL 9016 Clear Gloss, Matt & Satin

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