Low Pressure Painting System

The Larius 2 and Vega 5:1 stainless steel complete paint systems for water and solvent based products use low pressure painting. The paint is atomised by a compressed air jet that is also used to transport the particles on the surfaces to be painted. The compressed air is released before and when the paint goes through the nozzle and the air head, it is atomised into tiny drops. Atomisation of the paint is controlled by adjusting the flow of air or paint. Features: Solid and robust construction. Low maintenance costs. Ease of use. High quality finishing. Reduced air consumption and low pulsations satisfy the majority of the applications of low and medium viscosity products.

Larius 2 - Low Pressure, Double Diaphragm

Vega Pneumatic Mistless Pumps Graphic

Usable products: Laquers, water and solvent based paints, enamels, dyes. primers, polyurethane and expoxy paints. Used for carpentry and wood industry, mechanical, nautical, bodywork and plastics industries.

Available with and without accessories.


  • Ratio 1:1.
  • Flow rate: 21 l/m.
  • Max. feed pressure: 7 bar..
  • Working pressure: 1 to 7 bar.
  • Comes complete with: Low pressure flow regulator with pressure gauge. Line filter with 100-mesh sieve. Double hose Ø 1/4” 7,5m - V71 paint spray gun nozzle size on choice.

Vega Stainless Steel Ratio 5:1

Vega Stainless Steel Pump Graphic

Ghibli ratio 30:1

Ghibli Pneumatic Mistless pumps are available with and without accessories.


  • Air pressure supply: 3/8 bar
  • Max. working pressure: 240 bar
  • Max. flow rate: 4 l/m
  • Available on trolley.
  • Pump complete with FRL unit, line filter, drain valve and suction system with re-circulation.
  • Various accessories available.

Omega Pneumatic Mistless Pumps

Omega Pneumatic Mistless Pump Graphic

The Vega Stainless Steel complete with accessories.


  • Air pressure supply: 3/8 bar
  • Max. working pressure: 30 bar
  • Max. flow rate: 10 l/m
  • Available on trolley.
  • Various accessories available.