• Emergency Repair
  • Epoxy Adhesives
  • Metal Filled Epoxies
  • Methacrylate Adhesives
  • Rubber Repair
  • Sealants
  • Wear & Abrasion
Emergency patch repair img
Zip Patch Repair

Easy to use, fast setting patch for making permanent, waterproof field repairs. Repairs pipes, tanks, containers PVC/ABS, Non-Structural repairs to truck and trailer bodies.

Epoxy Adhesive img
2 Ton Epoxy

A High strength, non-shrinking, adhesive/potting compound specially formulated for high clarity, good impact strength, and water resistance. The adhesive bond is resistant to weathering, solvents and wide variations in temperature.

Rapid Curing Epoxy Adhesive img
5 Minute Epoxy

A rapid-curing, general-purpose adhesive/encapsulant. It forms a hard, rigid bond or coating in minutes.

epoxy phenolic resin img
Aluminium Putty F

Aluminium fi lled epoxy putty for cost effective repairs to aluminium castings, components and equipment.

bronze filled epoxy putty img
Bronze Putty F

Bronze filled epoxy putty for repairing bronze and brass machinery parts.

steel filled epoxy putty img
Epoxy Stainless Steel Putty

Stainless steel filled epoxy putty for patching, repairing and rebuilding stainless steel and non ferrous equipment

Flexible repair img
Flexane HP Putty

High performance, brushable system with excellent impact, wear and chemical resistance.

plastic steel repair putty img
Plastic Steel 5 Minute Putty

Fast curing grade of the original steel filled epoxy putty for permanent emergency repairs and use at low temperatures.

mould making img
Plastic Steel Liquid B

Provides accurate detailing reproduction in the making of moulds, light gauge forming dies etc.

metal filled putty img
Plastic Steel Putty A

The original metal filled and machinable Devcon epoxy putty. Replaces welding for hundreds of routine applications and durable repairs.

stainless steel filled putty img
Stainless Steel Putty ST

Stainless steel filled epoxy putty for patching, repairing and rebuilding stainless steel and non ferrous equipment.

titanium putty img
Titanium Putty

Smooth, titanium reinforced epoxy putty for making repairs that can be precision machined.

methacrylate adhesives img
Devweld 530

Rapid curing, multi-purpose, tough, structural methacrylate adhesive that produces high strength load bearing bonds to engineered plastics, metaceramics and many other materials

Methacrylate adhesive img
Devweld 531

Methacrylate adhesive for ‘difficult to bond’ engineered plastics, such as nylon based alloys, epoxy composites, modified polyesters, many plastics and other different materials etc.

impact resistant putty img
Flexane G.P Putty GPP

Trowelable putty for repairing, coating, moulding and lining equipment and components exposed to impact, abrasion, vibration and movement etc.

flexible repairs img
Flexane Liquid 60

Flexane Liquid 60 are available in high flexibility grades to cover a variety of applications with high flexibility requirements.

medium flexible repairs img
Flexane Liquid 80

Flexane Liquid 80 are available in medium flexibility grades to cover a variety of applications with medium flexibility requirements.

Low flexible repairs img
Flexane Liquid 94

Flexane Liquid 94 are available in low flexibility grades to cover a variety of applications with low flexibility requirements.

Urethane Adhesive Primer img
Flexane Primer FL-10

Ensures the maximum adhesion of Devcon Flexane® urethane products for all types of metals

Urethane adhesive primer img
Flexane Primer FL-20

Ensures the maximum adhesion of Devcon Flexane® urethane products for rubber, wood, FRP and concrete.

belt repair img
R-Flex Belt Repair Kit

Self-leveling liquid urethane that in minutes turns into a non-sag putty for repairing gouges, tears, and holes for heavy weight SBR conveyor belt.

Silicone resin sealant img
Silite Sealant

A special silicone resin based adhesive / sealant for sealing, jointing, bonding and making gaskets, particularly in HVAC and similar ductwork systems

Abrasion resistant putty img
Brushable Ceramic Blue/Red

Ceramic filled, brushable epoxy that provides a smooth, protective barrier against abrasion, erosion and chemical attack.

ceramic filled epoxy img
Dfense Block Quick Patch

Alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy system with a very fast cure speed, allowing for emergency patching of processing equipment. Provides wear and abrasion resistance for extended service life

Epoxy Gel img
Dfense Block Surface Wetting Agent

Thixotropic epoxy gel system that improves ease of application and cured adhesion properties (shear, peel, impact) of Devcon® DFense Blok™ abrasion resistant product.

abrasion resistant epoxy img
Dfense Blok

DFense Blok™ is a revolutionary wear and abrasion alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy compound. DFense Blok™ is formulated to significantly outlast traditional wear and abrasion products while also providing superior peformance in the most severe conditions.

Fast cure abrasion resistant epoxy img
Dfense Blok Fast Cure

Alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy system with outstanding wear and abrasion resistance for severe service conditions. Fast cure allows for repaired processing equipment to be returned to service in as little as 2 hours.

Ceramic filled epoxy liquid img
Wear Resistant Liquid WR

Ceramic filled epoxy liquid for castings where exceptional durability is required.

wear resistant putty img
Wear Resistant Putty WR-2

Smooth, non rusting, multi-purpose, ceramic filled epoxy putty for repairs requiring very smooth, high-slip finishes such as lathe beds etc.

water resistant putty img
Wet Surface Repair Putty UW

Water resistant putty for repairing, patching and rebuilding equipment in underwater or habitually wet environments

Industrial & Protective:
  • Acrylic Solvent Based
  • Acrylic Waterborne
  • Acrylonitrile
  • Alkyd
  • Bitumen Modified
  • Cementitious
  • Chlorinated Rubber
  • Epoxy
  • Inorganic Silicate
  • Intumescent
  • MRO
  • Pipeline Corrosion Protection
  • Polyaspartic
  • Polyurea
  • Polyurethane
  • PVB
  • Silicate
  • Silicone
  • Vinyl
  • ZincFix®
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