NC Matching Stain

Product Description

Matching Wood Stains image

Nitrocellulose. A one component, solvent based wood stain based on soluble dyes in a fast drying cellulosic binder.

Intended Uses

Matching Stain is available in a comprehensive selection of wood shades and colours. It is used to achieve a uniform colour throughout the production of furniture and joinery etc.

It is used after the initial stain/grain filling and between coats of lacquers. Matching Stain is used to even out the irregularities of colour during furniture finishing.


  • Can be used over Penetrating Stain or over sealer coats
  • Tint using up to 5% Penetrating Stain or SB Tinters
  • Carries the same performance properties as the NC product range
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in aerosols

Stain Colour shades

Unstained Ash Swatch

Unstained Ash

P10 Swatch


P11 Swatch


P21 Swatch


P35 Swatch


P37 Swatch


P46 Swatch


Natural Mahogany Swatch

Natural Mahogany

Red Mahogany Swatch

Red Mahogany

Light Teak Swatch

Light Teak

Light Teak Swatch

Light Oak

Light Teak Swatch

Gold Oak


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