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Product Description

Mould Resistant Functional Coating. DryCoat is a single component highly modified water based paint containing micropores which eliminate moisture, keep the surface dry and provides anti-fungicidal properties.


DryCoat is an anti-condensation coating for ceilings in damp areas of poor air circulation. It is built up of millions of micropores of the sizes 0.1 to 100 microns. They form a multi-layer porous texture with excellent moisture absorption capacity.

Evaporation from the coating occurs faster than with ordinary coatings due to the micro-porous structure which breaks the water surface tension and increases the evaporative area.
It will protect the coated surfaces from mould contamination and growth.

For example, one square meter of DryCoat at a thickness of approx. 1mm represents a 12,000 times increase in relative surface, i.e. about the size of two rugby fields. That is why water evaporates faster and the painted surface stays dry.

It can be used in hotel bathrooms and shower cubicles where humidity requires to be controlled and where condensation and dripping need to be minimised. It is suitable for new and previously painted surfaces, such as living facilities, cellars, parking garages, breweries, food industries, warehouses and animal husbandry operations.


  • Water based, low VOC coating
  • Easy application – thins with water & cleans up with water
  • Protects from mould growth
  • Forms a highly adherent coating with high porosity and moisture absorbing properties
  • Evaporation occurs rapidly from the coating due to its micro-pore structure
  • Used in bathrooms, cellars, parking garages, food factories, warehouses, breweries, animal enclosures and many other humid environments


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