NiloShield SBS


SBS Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane With Dual Reinforcement (Glassfiber & Nonwoven Polyester)

NILOSHEILD SBS is an elastomeric waterproofing membrane manufactured in an advanced continuous calendaring process by saturating and coating two synthetic carriers (Glassfiber mat and nonwoven Polyester) with a waterproofing compound made of a special grade of bitumen, which is modified with SBS polymers. While the polymers SBS enhance the thermal, mechanical, and aging properties of the membrane compound, the mechanical characteristics of NILOSHEILD SBS are established by the dual synthetic carriers made of non-woven Polyester and fiberglass mat, which acts as the reinforcement that provides the membrane with the profound mechanical properties of the Polyester and the prominent dimensional stability of Glassfiber mat.

The upper surface of NILOSHEILD SBS is covered with an anti-adhesive finish material while the lower face is laminated with a thermo-fusible polyethylene film.


NILOSHEILD SBS can be used for roofing & waterproofing applications with high dimensional stability requirements and subjected to movement, considerable mechanical stresses & moderate weathering conditions.

NILOSHEILD SBS is a multi-purpose waterproofing membrane particularly recommended in single or multi-layer systems for the following applications:

  • Flat and sloped ballasted roofs.
  • Underground structures waterproofing.
  • Re-roofing works.
  • Wet areas and mechanical rooms waterproofing.

NILOSHEILD SBS MINERAL is used for exposed applications or as a capsheet in a multi-layer system.

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