Functional & Effect Lacquers

polyurethane spatter finish
PU 421 Spatter

A two component, aliphatic polyurethane applied direct to metal. Used as a highly durable spatter finish coat with excellent build & texture properties. Used for the exterior of tanks, equipment, structural steel, concrete, safes, speaker boxes or on any surface where a spatter/textured finish is required. Offers excellent chemical resistance, toughness and UV stability. Particularly designed for use in areas where a satin or semi-gloss finish is preferred. Ideal for use in moderately corrosive environments.

polyurethane wood finish
PU 1021 Soft Touch

A two component, solvent based, clear, modified polyurethane finish. It imparts a delicate matt soft touch feel. It is non-yellowing, applied over pigmented PU lacquers. Suitable for application to interior finishings such as cupboards, furniture etc.

glass lacquer img
PU Glass Lacquer

A highly flexible two component polyurethane that can be pigmented with virtually any colour for application to glass. It is 100% non-yellowing and UV stable. Can be applied behind glass or to glass as the “working” surface.

dry erase wall paint img

Write Erase whiteboard coating is available in white and clear. Clear gloss finish allows one to turn any wall into a dry erase board without sacrificing the wall’s original colour. Unlike traditional white dry erase coatings, Write Erase coating clear is crystal clear and won’t change the room’s aesthetics/appearance.