Paint Equipment Hire

Airless Machines

Specialized Coating Systems (Pty)Ltd offer a selected range of high quality professional equipment for contractors & professionals for hire.

We offer:

  • Start up training on equipment.
  • On-site application assistance.
  • Regular maintenance and servicing of our equipment.
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Our range of professional equipment for hire:

Surface Preparation

  • Floor Grinders

Road & Line Marking

Line Marking Machine Hire img

Larius Miro Liner

Professional airless line striper: paints a single solid or broken line. Ideal for small line marking jobs and maintenance. Use water- or solvent-based non-reflective airless paint.

See Larius Miro Liner

Larius Dragon Liner Self Propelled

Line Marking Machine Hire img

Professional airless line striper self-propelled. Simultaneously paints two lines in the same colour. The lines can be solid, broken or mixed. Ideal for medium-sized to large line painting jobs and maintenance.

See Dragon Liner

Paint Application - Airless Spray Equipment

Air Driven

Aerosol Cleaners

Tiger - Low & Medium Duty

The Tiger range is suitable for liquids of medium viscosities, primers, finish paints and paints of medium viscosity & particle size.

Aerosol Cleaners

Rhino – Heavy Duty

The Rhino range is designed for tough working conditions and suitable for high viscosity, solventless, low solvent coating, semi-solid coating, marine coating, etc.

See Airless Spray Pumps

Electrical Operation

Aerosol Cleaners

Airless Diaphragm Pumps

The airless electric diaphragm pumps are used for high pressure paint spraying without atomising air. These pumps are suitable for a wide range of product applications from low to high viscosity. Easy to use, clean and service.

Aerosol Cleaners

Airless Piston Pumps

Jolly is a powerful versatile spray pump with easy and limited maintenance.

See Airless Pumps

Petrol Operation

  • Airless Petrol Diaphragm Pumps