Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Tape Wrapping Systems Graphic
Tape Wrapping Systems

Butylen tapes and tape systems have been used for more than 40 years to provide long-term corrosion protection for buried pipes, welded joints, pipe bends and structural elements.

Shrink Sleeves Graphic
Shrink Sleeves

DEKOTEC® Heat Shrink Sleeves are available as Medium Temperature Sleeves for operating temperatures up to 55°C and as High Temperature Sleeves for operating temperatures up to 90°C.

Application Equipment for Tapes grpahic
Application Equipment for Tapes

DEKOMAT® wrapping machines simplify the application of Butylen and DEKOTEC tapes and systems. Hand and motor-driven machines ensure that the necessary tension and lapping is maintained.

Mechanical Pipeline Protection Graphic
Mechanical Protection

Pipe protection fleeces offer additional mechanical protection for corrosion protection coating on high-quality pipelines. They also decouple the pipe from the surrounding soil for relative movement based on temperature differences.