Alkali Plaster Primer

A single component, solvent based co-polymer acrylic solution primer for masonry and gypsum surfaces.

Intended Uses

A white alkali resistant primer for masonry surfaces that penetrates friable and unsound substrates, rendering them suitable for painting.

Used as a barrier coat on interior and exterior alkaline substrates such as cement, plaster, concrete, brick and fibre cement to prevent subsequent coats from saponification or alkali attack.

It is also used as a binding coat on paper face board, brickwork, soft board and gypsum plaster.


  • Easy to use one component product that can be brush, roller or spray applied
  • Provides good adhesion for subsequent coats
  • Will accept most water based, solvent based and solvent free topcoats
  • Protects sensitive topcoats from alkali attack
  • Penetrates and re-enforces the substrate to provide good adhesion
  • Pigmented white, saves time when top coating
  • High Solids