Poly Body Putty 2.0 Elastic White

Product Description

Premium Finishing Polyester Body Putty. Ultra-Smooth 2.0 is a heavy weight, exceptionally smooth, fine & creamy finishing polyester putty, catalysed with BPO paste.

Intended Uses

Ultra-Smooth 2.0 is a premium quality light weight autobody finishing filler with superb spreading ability and workability. Primarily used for fine filling of minor scratches, holes & dents.

The smooth & creamy formulation allows for easy application, clog free sanding, and a surface that is tack & pinhole free. Ultra-Smooth 2.0 will adhere well to most substrates; aluminium, steel, fibreglass, body filler, wood, 2K primers, aged-sanded OEM topcoats, Galvanized and zinc coated steel.

Ideal for filling and repair work at thicknesses up to 7 mm, typical uses include filling dents, scratches, dings, small holes, cracks, hail damage or other surface imperfections.


  • Excellent for fine filling of minors scratches, pinholes & dents.
  • Easy to use product.
  • Outstanding flow, ensuring an ultra-smooth surface.
  • Excellent sandability and feather edging.
  • Excellent weathering resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion to primed substrates and for subsequent coats.
  • Tack free.
  • Clog free.
  • No shrinking.


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