Aquasport Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint

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Product Description

A two component, UV resistant, polyamide cured epoxy swimming pool paint.

Intended Uses

A high performance two component, epoxy swimming pool paint for use in fresh and salt water, in pools or fountains, new or old.

It adheres well to concrete, fibreglass, marbelite plaster, gunnite, cement plaster and surfaces which have been previously coated with solvent based epoxy systems and provides a tough coating that is resistant to the normal abrasion of pool use and maintenance.

AquaSport Epoxy is resistant to pool chemicals, salts and dilute acids.

There is no need to prime existing surfaces.

Ensure that the pool painting guide is followed for preparation and application.


  • Self-priming, it is applied directly onto abrasive blast or mechanically cleaned concrete, marbelite/gunnite or fibreglass
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of cementitious or fibreglass pools surfaces
  • Good flexibility and water resistance
  • Good cure at 10°C
  • Extremely durable in fresh and salt water
  • Improved resistance to exterior exposure -contains UV absorbers to increase resistance to chalking
  • No induction time after mixing

Pool Colours

White Swatch


White Swatch
Light Blue Swatch

Light Blue

Light Blue Swatch
Signal Blue Swatch

Signal Blue
RAL 5005

Signal Blue Swatch
Black Swatch


Black Swatch


AquaSport Epoxy Pool Paint Calculator AquaSport Epoxy Pool Paint Application Guide


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