Spray Wall BASIC 8000

Ideal for particularly large items.

Suspension Booth BASIC 4000 Graphic

The Powder Spray Stand comes into its own when normal and large items have to be coated in connection with conveyor systems.

Main Features:

  • Suitable for coating large items.
  • Small set-up area.
  • Suitable for operation with a conveyor system.
  • Sturdy industrial design.
  • Integrated powder recovery.
  • Automatic filter cleaning: Interval control for filter pulse duration.
  • High suction performance of 8000 m3/h.
  • ATEX standard compliant.
  • Floor mounted, no castors.
  • Connection for gun controller.
  • Illumination provided by customer.


  • Temperature: 10 to 35°C.
  • Humidity: max 75%
  • Work-piece size: L=1000 x H=2000 mm