DigiTech - Save Powder with System!

The modular control system that grows with the future.

PrimaTech CCM Graphic

The newly developed DigiTech control system pursues new methods of surface technology. For the first time in the history of electrostatic powder coating, a wide range of users are given access to a high degree of automation and at the same time the operator guidance for the user has been designed to be logical, simple and functional.

This is made possible by the modular system which cannot only be individually matched to the respective task but also flexibly grows with the requirements.

Modular flexibility

The possible configurations range from simple manual coating mode to the configuration of a simple automatic system with rigid spray guns, integration of lifting devices, height, gaps, and depth controls through to a fully automated coating cabin with up to 60 spray guns and eight lifting devices.

  • The system which grows with the tasks.
  • Easy to use.
  • Increases the coating quality.
  • Saves costs due to more effective powder dosing and Genius technology.