Inlinepump IP 5000

IP 5000 - the new multi talent fresh powder and transfer pump of WAGNER.

IP 5000 Graphic

The new pump is suitable for a variety of options for feeding powder without restrictions regarding container sizes: it can be used for dosing out of cartons, 200 Liter drums or BigBags as well as for the discharging of collection containers.

In addition to that, it can be perfectly integrated in the production process by enabling efficient powder transfer feeding between different types of storage. The pump hose and the inlet and outlet valve hoses are made of powder proof and air proof materials. The vacuum system and powder chamber are 100% separated.

Various adjustable parameters offer the possibility to optimize the performance of the IP5000 to the specific customer needs. It secures a steady output of the guns by keeping the powder on a constant level which allows consistent coating quality and film thickness. Unplanned downtimes due to lack of powder can be reduced to a minimum.