ID Spray Booth Concepts

The economy of the coating equipment and the professionalism of the coating result plays a major role when powder coating in trade and industry.

ICM Steel Booth Graphic

A fast changeover to a new colour, almost 100% utilisation of the paint material and compliance with important safety aspects - these all contribute to the high performance of the ID booths from WAGNER.

Main features

  • Everything integrated and from a single source! Powder recovery, preparation and supply!
  • Closed powder cycle with 100% recovery.
  • High suction performance of 4.000 m3/h, horizontal conduct of the air.
  • The large extraction grid avoids powder bounce-back and provides clean working conditions.
  • Booth and powder container, both mobile.
  • Generous practical booth lighting (for suspension booth and transfer booth).
  • Corresponds to the ATEX guidelines.

Benefits for the user

  • Large coating opening, optimal utilisation of the size of the object.
  • Smooth interior, easy to clean.
  • Large service aperture at the rear.
  • Simple operation.
  • The control and monitoring of each active component can be individually regulated, ensuring better service life for pneumatics and electrics.
  • Short powder cycle, safeguards the powder.
  • Energy saving air circulation, the extracted air is fed back into the paint shop.
  • Also economical in mixed powder mode for individual colours.

The ID booth is available in three versions:

ID Suspension Booth
Powder Spray Stand
Transfer Booth
ID Booths Specifications