Powder Cup Laboratory set PEM-X1 CG

The Powder Cup Laboratory set PEM-X1 CG is a useful, handy, flexible and powerful device for the powder coating of individual parts and very small quantities, as well as for laboratory and development purposes.

The main advantages

Cup, Manual System
  • Compact and always ready to use: Perfectly suitable for small quantity production as well as laboratory applications. Independant of ever-changing conditions, same coating result is obtained.
  • Perfect results: Due to the precise Wagner regulation technology and the gun integrated dosing system, small amounts of powder can be applied, while still obtaining incredible results.
  • Clear and user friendly: With the simple plugging system, the powder container is easily atttached and handy at the same time.
  • Mobile system with convenient case: Everything needed for powder application is provided. Even the smallest piece has its own spot, creating a clear overview.

Processable materials

  • Corona powder.
  • Commercially available metallic powders.