Sprint X 3L

The new Sprint X 3L manual powder coating system is ideal for laboratories and niche markets.

PrimaSprint 3L Graphic

The complete fluidized hopper is at the same time vibrated. Perfect surfaces are the result of this combination. Together with the new EPG-Sprint X controller it is the best solution for many colors and different powders. This new manual system offers the flexibility to use either a WAGNER Corona or Tribo guns.

Our new gun has a unique High Dynamic Remote function that allows the immediate selection of a pre adjusted program without the necessity to look at the controller. The clear and structured controller interface supported by a digital display ensures that the operation parameters are easily viewed at a glance.

Main Features

  • EPG-Sprint X controller.
  • PEM-X1 or PEM-T3 Tribo spray guns.
  • Injector PI-F1 allows for a continuous and calm powder-cloud.
  • Serial 3L fluidized container.
  • Vibration unit.
  • Perfect for sample coatings in laboratories.