Manual Spray Guns

Manual Spray Gun Graphic01

The new WAGNER manual gun PEM-X1 sets the standard and trend for powder coating of all types of surfaces.

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The powder cup laboratory set is a useful, handy, flexible but yet high-performance equipment for powder coating component parts and small amounts as i.e. needed for laboratory- and development purposes.

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PEM-T3 (Tribo)

Perfect solution for powder coating difficult parts. The powder particles are reliably charged up by friction against the PTFE inner walls and chicanes of the powder duct.

Manual Spray Gun Graphic03
Tribo-Cup Gun PEM-TG3

PEM-TG3 Tribo manual powder gun with integrated powder supply via the attached powder cup.

Manual Spray Gun Graphic03

The perfect accessories for individual requirements! For every task, the right tool – the system can be easily adjusted according to your requirements for professional coating results.