Movement Technology

EBA 1 Graphic
EBA 1 Long Stroke Reciprocator

The EBA 1 is WAGNER's basic automatic long stroke reciprocator. Because of its construction and its motor rating of 0.75kW it is best suited for simple automatic coating. The equipment carrier can take up to 4 automatic powder guns.

EBA 6N Graphic02
EBA 6N Long Stroke Reciprocator

Its high load capacity of 70 kg enables the high performance reciprocator EBA 6N to carry up to 12 spray guns. The exceptionally robust construction is designed for a smooth, low-vibration run under extreme operating conditions.

KHG 350F Graphic03
KHG 350-F Short Stroke Reciprocator

The short-stroke reciprocator KHG 350-F for vertical gun alignment is the ideal complement for compact powder coating booths.

ZW In-Out Positioner Graphic04
ZW In/Out – Positioner

With varying sizes of work-piece (width), it is necessary to position the spray system correctly in order to achieve a perfect coating over the whole surface of the work-piece.